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Chief Robert Edwards
September 1977 started at Patrolman
1981 Promoted to Chief of Police

Chief Edwards has attended the FBI training course in Quantico, VA. and is an instructor on the in car video system as well as the history of Vermont policing.

See the Chief's page for more on Chief Edwards.

Chief Edwards is also a past Vermont Chief’s Association president.

Sergeant Randall Johnson
April 1982 part-time officer
August 1983 full-time officer
May 1988 Promoted to Sergeant

Sergeant Johnson is the departments hand to hand defense instructor also an instructor in the PR 24 side handle baton.

Sergeant Johnson is also certified in air surveillance and roadblocks. Sergeant Johnson also is an active firefighter with the West Dover fire department.

Office Manager Michelle Mann
July 1990

Michelle is in charge of all the paperwork and the computers to the department. She makes sure that the officer’s paperwork is in order. Michelle is certified as a NCIC, CAD and VLETS terminal operator.

Detective Richard Werner
1987 Patrolman
1990 Promoted to Detective/Investigator

Detective Werner is the departments Blood born pathogens awareness instructor, firearms instructor, hazardous materials awareness instructor and first aid instructor.

Detective Werner also maintains all the Alco-sensors and the Infrared testing machine.

Detective Werner is also the primary contact with the state's department of Public Safety and handles a large portion of the Block Grants that the department receives

Detective Werner started with the Windham county Sheriff’s department in 1985 before he was employed with Dover.

Senior Patrolman Mark Herrick
December 1988 Part-time officer
1990 full-time officer

Officer Herrick started with the Windham county Sheriff’s department in 1982.

Officer Herrick has sat on task forces for Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Youth services.

Officer Herrick is a federal and state trained Crisis Negotiator.

Patrolman Chris Lora

Officer Lora has just began his police career with the Dover Police department and we welcome him.

Officer Lora will spend about the next year in training and learning the town and the laws of Vermont.


Special Patrolman Ian Gallup
December 1995 part-time officer
Recently placed in charge of web site.

Sig Sauer pistol armorer and Air operations certified.

Officer Gallup started with the Windham county Sheriff’s department in 1994.

Officer Gallup also works as a Special patrolman with the Bellows Falls police department.


Officers in the Dover police department go to many training sessions and hold many qualifications. To list all would be way too time consuming. I listed only their quick history and major involvements.