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The attached tip form will allow anyone to leave us a message and it will be anonymous

We hope to have this feature in 2 weeks!


Today many people have information related to crimes or incidents that hurt the community.

Although direct reporting is preferred, we understand that unfortunately sometimes people are afraid to get involved for many valid reasons.

Anonymous tips can be very helpful and are appreciated by the department. At is why we provide this reporting form to allow people to assist us without having to reveal themselves.

Limitations of Anonymous Reporting

We can not make arrests based solely on a anonymous tip. However, these tips help direct us to a situation so that we may investigate and gather the appropriate information.

We investigate each tip and we will not act unless we can verify the information. This is how we protect innocent people from bad faith tips.

Please go to our Tip Form and complete the form. Add as many comments as you wish. Remember that the more information we have the more we have to act on.


Please view our message board!

If you left a tip then click here to see feedback if any!